Skate Ontario Club Consultation Program

Skate Ontario Club Consultation Workshops

The Skate Ontario Club Consultation Program initiative is funded by the Ontario Trillium Foundation with the intention to reach all of the Ontario clubs (360) with the focus on delivering innovative and pertinent workshops to the clubs or nearby communities. A survey was sent out to all Ontario clubs through Skate Canada e-mail blasts with the goal to solicit feedback from the clubs to understand their concerns and to determine the gaps and/or weakness or if they were looking for new ways to rejuvenate or start up programs. The objective is to reach out to clubs both rural and urban, and provide them support and information sharing from the expert club consultants in the field. Workshops have been conducted at twenty-five locations throughout Ontario during the spring and summer of 2016.

Skate Ontario would like to recognize the following clubs that attended the Club Consultation Workshop.  These clubs are recognized on the Skate Ontario Club Honour Roll for effective LTAD.

Here is a list and PDF copy of the presentations that were presented at the various workshops during the spring and summer of 2016:

Additional resources:

Here are some testimonials from the workshops that were conducted in the spring and summer:

“The memory stick – awesome idea! All stored in one place for easy access and review. The positive attitude and energetic approach of the presenters made the day go quickly and the day was enjoyable yet informative.”

“Consultants were fabulous and knowledgeable! They allowed time for explanations and questions. Content was organized and detailed.”

“We would love to attend more seminars like this, it’s very valuable.”

“The consultants were AWESOME. Thoroughly enjoyed the program. Definitely learned a lot.”

“The consultants were amazing! Would like to see more workshops like this rather than on-line courses.”

“The consultation session exceeded my expectations! STAR 1-5 was an eye opener. Enjoyed the entire session though.”

“Great explanation of materials with real life scenarios to compliment material slides.”

“Refreshing to go to a clinic aimed at both large clubs as well as the small club. Good information, well presented.”

“All of it was excellent as there were parts in each section that gave us new ideas and how to install it in our programs.”

“Presenters were well prepared, used personal experiences to make it more interesting. Informative and entertaining, well done!”

“Thank you for your time! There was lots of helpful info and it was good that board of directors’ members and coaches were invited so that they can be on the same page.”

“Excellent workshop. Thank you. Appreciated the lunch and free workshop and mileage.”