Skate Ontario Strategic Plan

Representatives from Skate Canada, Skate Ontario, the four Ontario sections, the Provincial Government, and the Canadian Sport Institute Ontario (CSIO) held a one-day strategic summit in Toronto on February 21, 2015. Out of this meeting, the Ontario Sections Organizational Working Committee was struck.

The Skate Ontario Board of Directors, inclusive of the four Ontario Section Chairs, has approved the Ontario Sections Organizational Working Committee Terms of Reference. This committee will inventory the physical, intellectual, programming, and financial assets found within Skate Ontario and the four Ontario Sections of Skate Canada. Once the inventory is complete, the committee will evaluate how cost and delivery efficiencies can be realized and operating procedures can be improved. This work should lead to a new, improved operating structure that aligns with Skate Canada’s Strategic Plan.

You can review the terms of reference for the working committee here:

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