Skate Ontario is proud to announce the launch of the Provincial Series (previously the Super Series) for the 2022-2023 season.

The structure of the competition calendar is based on Sport for Life and Skate Canada Long Term Development (LTD). Each stage of development has a focused set of principles that we have considered to maximize the growth and development of the Skate Ontario athletes on the Podium and STAR pathways. A balance between appropriate event timing, number of events, training time, and recovery time required for Learn to Train was carefully planned in the design of the 2022-2023 schedule.

The calendar was developed as part of an Annual Competition Calendar Review in collaboration with a Coach Focus Group to ensure Skate Ontario is meeting the objectives for competitions in Ontario. Click HERE for the full list of objectives for the annual competition review and Coach Focus Group.

The Annual Competition Calendar review included considerations regarding qualifying versus non-qualifying opportunities and a realistic approach to the number of events offered given ongoing COVID uncertainties.

As a result of the changes made to the Skate Canada calendar, including the addition of the Pre-Novice and Novice Challenge in January, Skate Ontario has updated the Provincial Series calendar to reflect these changes:

Important updates to the  Provincial Series calendar for the 2022-2023 season: 

  • Name change from Super Series to Provincial Series
  • Option for athletes to choose if they want to compete in a qualifying or a non-qualifying category at the time of each event registration (Ex. STAR 5 O13 qualifying or STAR 5 O13 non-qualifying)
      • Skaters will be separated into different flights based on how they registered
      • No annual declaration required
      • Qualifying events will be part of Provincial Championship structure
      • Non-qualifying events can be used as practice events
      • Skaters will be judged the same in non-qualifying and qualifying categories
  • The assignment process is to be launched in early October
      • To assist with yearly planning for coaches and skaters
      • Increased offering of STAR 5 and above supplementary categories
      • Increased capacity in busy urban areas
      • 4-day events in the Greater Toronto Area in January and February
  • Synchro STAR 3 & 4 Categories will be offered at (2) Provincial Series events to reduce travel
  • Event registration will open 8 weeks before the competition start date
  • Schedule will be released 3 weeks before the event starts
  • Video submission option for selected clubs that will not get the number of suggested events