Annual Competition Review Overview for 2022-2023

Purpose: An annual review of the competition calendar to ensure Skate Ontario is meeting the objectives for competitions in Ontario


  • Provide meaningful competition experiences for skaters at the Learn to Train to Train to Win, including Active and Competitive for Life
  • Align with Skate Canada’s Long Term Development Model and updated calendar
  • Ensure effective collaboration with stakeholders
  • Leverage LTD values and principles at all developmental stages
  • Consider sport development needs
  • Ensure different perspectives are included
  • Set an annual timeline for stakeholder (internal and subject matter experts) engagement, regarding event systems
  • At the end of the review, stakeholders feel as though they were included in the process
  • Collect coach needs and requirements, so that Skate Ontario can build a competition system to support and reflect identified needs and requirements for each event series. (Train to Train – Train to Win LTD stages).
    • This will be the objective for each level and series