Olympic Blog Post – When One Door Closes, Find the Open Window.

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Coming into the Olympic Games, the lives of the athletes are focused with single-minded determination on performing to their potential in Beijing. Ontario’s Paul Poirier offered an exceptional description of his focus prior to arriving for the Games. “I think our mandate of Programs for the People has allowed us to create programs that have room for technical excellence while still allowing us to create emotional moments for audiences.” With the Ice Dance event behind him and partner Piper Gilles, it’s time to think about the upcoming World Figure Skating Championships next month.

Canadian champion pair skaters Kirsten Moore-Towers and Michael Marinaro put a disappointing finish in the short program behind them to skate well enough in the free skate to move up three spots in the rankings and finish in 10th place overall. With this chapter closed, it is also time for these two to think about what new story they can write in Montpelier at Worlds.

In other words, the Olympic Games is only one stop during this busy and lengthy season.

The Exhibition Gala took place earlier today which marked the end of the Olympic figure skating event. What I like about the Gala is that it seems to recalibrate the playing field. The cruel twists of fate that can happen in competition give way to skating for pleasure and not for marks. It is a great way to remember what is beautiful about the sport for the skaters as well as the audience.

Am looking forward to peeking in the window for the rest of the season and want to congratulate all of the Skate Ontario Olympians in Beijing for making us all #SkateOntarioProud!

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