Champion Partners

Merit Travel

Merit Travel delivers authentic travel experiences to the world’s top destinations, with a team of passionate and dedicated Travel Consultants at our locations across Canada.

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National Bank

As a key driver of social and economic development in Canada, National Bank provides significant support to the community by assisting several Canadian organizations that are particularly active with young people.

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Scarborough Nissan

Serving the SCARBOROUGH area, SCARBOROUGH NISSAN, is your premier retailer of new and used Nissan vehicles. It has been at the same location since Datsun was first brought into Canada well over 34 years ago.

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Inside Edge Partner


Uplifter was founded in 2013 in Oakville, Ontario, Canada. However, our club management software was first built in 2011 as a favour to one of our kids’ figure skating clubs. After building and testing our club software solution, we began to see the positive effects ripple through the organization. That stoked a fire in us. We wanted to produce the best possible club management software so that more clubs, associations and schools could free up their administrative time and focus on doing what they do best; providing an enriching experience for youth. To this day that same passion for supporting youth-based organizations continues to guide the technologies we build and the way we run our company.

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Glide Partners


Communiti is an app designed to help sports organizations and clubs streamline their administration process when it comes to registration for club programs. Click the link below to learn about Communiti app’s new and exciting pilot program for Skate Ontario clubs and skating schools!

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The Rotation Room

The Rotation Room is 3,200 sq ft. training space for figure skaters of all abilities. It allows skaters to train at a competitive level to enhance athletic performance. The Rotation Room’s services are available for coaches, athletes, and community members and consists of a dance studio, classroom and harness training room.

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Jackson Skates

Jackson Ultima is a global leader in figure skate boots, blades and complete skates. Our expertise and passion for the sport is embodied in Jackson Ultima’s commitment to technology that enhances the performance of the world’s leading skaters. We also offer a complete range of recreational figure and leisure skates to enhance the pleasure and enjoyment of all skaters.

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Funding Partners


Our Mission is to provide a world-leading multi-sport daily training environment for athletes, coaches and practitioners through expert leadership, services and programs.

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Ontario Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport

Working to improve quality of life and promoting economic growth by supporting and delivering tourism and cultural experiences, supporting the arts and cultural industries and championing participation in sport and recreation activities across Ontario.

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Ontario Trillium Foundation

The mission of the Ontario Trillium Foundation (OTF) is to build healthy and vibrant communities throughout Ontario by investing in community-based initiatives and strengthening the impact of Ontario’s non-profit sector.

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Official Suppliers


For more than 50 years, Nothers Signs and Recognition has been a supplier of awards and recognition products to Sport Association, Schools, Professional Associations, Corporate Markets, and Service Clubs across Ontario. We have been serving these clients with the best practices and we have the ability to take a communicated concept and complete all stages from graphic art/design, to customization, to individual personalization and presentation and finally to ship anywhere our clients request.

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