Waterloo, Ontario, in the heart of Skate Ontario country, is hosting the upcoming Skate Canada Novice Nationals and the second Skate Canada Cup that will feature over 100 competitors over 4 days of competition. Why does this matter? It is a chance for skaters at this level in all five disciplines to showcase their abilities.

First and foremost, qualifying for a national figure skating competition validates a skater’s commitment to their craft. It is a testament to the countless hours spent on the ice perfecting jumps, spins, footwork, and choreography. Skaters must demonstrate not only technical proficiency but also artistic expression and musicality, embodying the essence of the sport in all disciplines as a blend of athleticism and art. It is very special.

“Qualifying for Novice Nationals represents a significant achievement for our skaters, marking a milestone in their progression toward elite competition,” said Chris Mabee, Manager, Podium Pathways, Skate Ontario. “All the training, sweat, run-throughs have led to this moment, and I am looking forward to watching Skate Ontario’s athletes achieve excellence at this stage of their development.”

For the most part, Team Ontario has the greatest number of entries in all categories which illustrates the progress that is being made in preparing our athletes for elite competition. Not only is the on-ice training with the support of our coaches second to none, but there are also huge advancements in what is taking place off the ice.

“Finding ways to augment the training that happens on the ice with more off the ice can be hugely beneficial to the skaters,” said Leslie Ip, Founder of EJP, Skate Ontario’s Provincial Series Presenting Partner. “We have found that it isn’t just about singles skating but rather about offering a well-rounded program that includes improving strengths and skill sets depending on the discipline.”

As the fastest growing discipline of figure skating, Synchronized skating is also competing in droves in Waterloo. The sport has grown from a reason to stay in skating to a reason to skate all on its own and the benefits and accomplishments of this team sport cannot be stressed enough. There are four categories taking the ice with great Ontario representation across the board.

“Through this exciting competition experience, many skaters will develop a dream of one day competing at the Skate Canada National Championships at the Junior or Senior level,” said Lisa Carriere, synchronized skating coaching consultant and founder of OneTeamMVMT. “The Skate Canada Cup is exciting, it is rewarding, and it is inspiring.” We can all agree!

For her part, Lisa Alexander, Executive Director of Skate Ontario’s message is simple: “Congratulations to all of the athletes. We are so #SkateOntarioProud of all of you!”

For more information on this event, visit–results

For streaming – visit the Skate Canada event page or their Daily Motion channel.

As always – send your messages of support using the hashtag #SkateOntarioProud to our athletes, follow Skate Ontario on all our social media and if you want to check out what everyone has been saying, you can also use the hashtags #SCNats24 #NatPC24 and #SkateCanCup #CoupePatinageCanada.



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