Fun isn’t only on the ice in Huntsville!

We asked the Huntsville SC what makes their program great.

A fun learning environment, led by an amazing team of coaches, program assistants and volunteers.

Before hitting the ice, skaters work through a series of exercise stations to warm-up for the session. The lobby is filled with fun music, colourful stations and a couple program assistants to help out an motivate. Exercises consist of  jumping jacks, hip twists, lunges, squats and a variety of moving stretches.

Then to the ice for on-ice Warm up, ABC circuits, and let’s not forget, FUN ZONE! We integrate a new challenge each night for our group activity. (parachute fun, sit glide races, lanes)

Session ends with a slow cool down.

The Huntsville Skating Club has achieved Advanced Standard in the CanSkate Excellence recognition program. To find a CanSkate Club in your area, use our “Find a Club” tool.

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