CanSkate Excellence Recognition Program

CanSkate Excellence recognition program

Applications are now being accepted for the 2019-2020 season.

UPDATE! (July 30th, 2019)

The CanSkate Excellence Resource Chart has been updated! Please note, the recognition have been updated to reflect the Skate Canada CanSkate Delivery standards.

Skate Canada is recognized as having the best grassroots program in the country. CanSkate, Canada’s flagship learn-to-skate program, emphasizes teaching quality fundamental movements and basic skills.

The CanSkate Excellence recognition program is designed to reward Ontario Clubs/Skating schools that are implementing best practices in the delivery of their CanSkate programs. This two-tiered recognition program identifies clubs who meet the minimum standard and highlight those who exceed standards.

Clubs/Schools who meet the delivery standards will be identified by a ✅ beside their club name to indicate they have achieved the CanSkate programming standards.

Clubs/Schools who meet and exceed the standards will be highlighted with a ⭐ on the website. Starred clubs/schools will have priority listing on the website. These clubs will also be listed first in a club/school search.

The CanSkate Excellence Resource Chart (updated July 30th, 2019) details the requirements for achieving standard and advanced qualification.

How does our Club/School apply?

  1. Check the CanSkate Excellence Resource Chart (updated July 30th, 2019) to see if your club/school meets the requirements. Detailed explanations, tutorials and examples are referenced for each standard.
  2. Fill out the checklist and application at Application Survey. You will need to include a detailed session plan including the following items:
    1. Session format/layout – Include the number of stations and the format on the ice for lesson time.
    2. Session timing – Include a schedule of the session breakdown (Warm-up (5 min), Fast track (30 sec), Lesson time #1 (10 min), Fast track (30 sec), Lesson #2 (10 min)…etc.)
    3. Lesson set-up and Schedule – Show how groups rotate to the different stations on the ice. Identify how coaches organize lesson time to ensure that all skills are taught.
  3. Skate Ontario will determine the method of evaluation.
    1. CanSkate Specialist visit – A CanSkate Specialist (CSS) will travel to your club to watch a session live. The CSS will evaluate your session based on the same criteria listed in the CanSkate Excellence Resource Chart (updated July 30th, 2019).
    2. Submit a video – The video includes an entire CanSkate session (with sound), including all session parts (Warm-up, Lesson time, Group activity, Cool-Down).
  4. Payment – There is a $40 fee for application and evaluation. To submit payment, CLICK HERE. 

The CanSkate Excellent Club recognition levels

Achieved Standard

Clubs/Schools who complete the CanSkate Excellence application and review process to achieve standard will be identified by a ✅ beside their club name in the club directory and “find a Club” tool on the Skate Ontario website. This clearly indicates the club/school has met the CanSkate programming standards. Prospective skaters and parents will be able to easily identify clubs who have proven standard for the learn-to-skate program.

Advanced Standard

Clubs/Schools who complete the CanSkate Excellence application and review process at advanced CanSkate standard will be highlighted with a ⭐ on the website. Starred clubs/schools will have priority listing on the website. These clubs/schools will also be listed in priority in a club/school search for prospective skaters/parents.

In an effort to highlight the exceptional programs in the province, we will also be highlighting advanced CanSkate standard clubs/schools by featuring them on our social media. The feature could be in the form of a picture, story or shout-out on one or more of our social media platforms.

CanSkate Excellence Highlights

Skating ClubCanSkate Excellence Highlight
Collingwood Skating Club"I like to Move it" with the Collingwood SC CanSkate!
Drayton Skating ClubCanSkate at Drayton SC offers Creative Dance Classes!
East Gwillimbury Skating ClubEast Gwillimbury SC CanSkate: Off Ice Training
Gananoque Skating ClubTeam Work Makes the Dream Work
Gloucester Skating ClubWinter Wonderlude with Gloucester CanSkate Fun Zone!
Huntsville Skating ClubFun isn't only on the ice in Huntsville!
Kenora Skating ClubCanSkate Element Event Days at the Kenora Skating Club
Mississauga Figure Skating ClubCool-Down with the Mississauga Figure Skating Club
Nickel Blades Skating ClubJunior PA Captains and PAs Inspire at the Nickel Blades Skating Club
ON Russell SCON Russell SC CanSkate Excels at Skater Engagement
Oshawa Skating ClubProgram Assistants in Oshawa are Absolutely amazing!
Rideau Skating ClubSkate Ontario Asks: What makes your CanSkate program great?
Skate Canada Brampton-Chinguacousy Skating ClubWhat makes the Brampton-Chinguacousy CanSkate Great!
Stirling Skating ClubOutstanding and Dedicated Program Assistants at the Stirling Skating Club!
Thunder Bay Skating Academy#CanSkate incentive=Great Idea!
Trenton Skating ClubKeeping Parents Informed at the Trenton Skating Club

Please note: As part of the CanSkate Excellence program, Skate Ontario will be conducting random visits to affirm standards are being met.

If you have any questions about the program or the application process, please contact Sharon Maki at