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Bring ON The Fun!- Oshawa- Saturday – video DailymotionSCHEDULE / ENTRY LISTS / START ORDERS

An updated Schedule and Start Orders are posted as of Thursday, March 28.

Bring on the Fun is a team-based, fun opportunity for skaters and clubs to foster team spirit and comradery. In the spirit of Bring on the Fun, all skaters from the same club have been assigned to skate on the same day.


All programs will be played from CDs. Skaters are required to submit 2 copies of their music on CDs on site when registering upon arrival. CDs should be labelled with Skater’s name, home club, and category.


Skate Ontario is excited to be streaming a portion of the Bring ON The Fun! Oshawa. The livestream will begin at 12:00 pm on Saturday April 13, 2024 and conclude at 6:25 pm on Saturday April 13, 2024. To watch, click on the link below or go to the Skate Ontario Dailymotion channel at Dailymotion.com/skateontario.


As the stream has not started, it is currently password protected. Once the event begins, the password will be removed and it will be open to all.


Oshawa SC is excited to have the following vendors on-site this weekend: Figure Skating Boutique, MuvWear, and Creative Bakery Bake Shoppe.

The on-site restaurant, 2200 North, will also be open over the weekend and offering a special rate menu for Participants and Spectators.

The Oshawa SC will also be running a “Sucker Pull”! Buy a sucker and have the chance of winning a prize.


Send in your photos from the event to [email protected] for your chance to be featured on our social media channels and/or the Skate Ontario website. Please indicate the location (Oshawa) in the subject line.


The announcement is now available for BOTF Oshawa.

Refer to the Information Sheet in the Downloads section for event specific information; including arena information, registration dates, music requirements, and admissions.


Registration is closed.

For more BOTF Information: Click Here

Questions should be directed to [email protected]

  • This event has passed