Thank You Stratford! Skate Ontario 2023 Provincial Championships

Thank You Stratford!

It’s time to put the Skate Ontario 2023 Provincial Championships to bed. There is no doubt that the experiences for the 900+ athletes in 50+ categories who came to Stratford were as successful on the ice as it was for those behind the scenes organizing the event.

The goal was to ensure a seamless competition and it would not have happened without the efforts of the Local Organizing Committee led by Chair Kevin Winter who did everything they could to make sure this was a positive experience for everyone who made the trip to Stratford.

“This event was for the skaters who worked so hard all season long to qualify for the Provincial Championships. It has been wonderful to see smiling faces in every corner of the rink,” said Michelle Hunsley, Manager, Events for Skate Ontario.

Andrea Derby, Skate Ontario Board President was equally delighted with the Stratford event. “After COVID, it is especially gratifying to see so many skaters competing at the Provincial Championships this year. Everybody in skating knows about the recent challenges of staying in the sport, so to be moving on to the rewards that Stratford represents for so many from skaters to coaches to officials to parents and supporters in the stands is particularly satisfying,” said Andrea.

Coach Debbie Lee commented on the importance of goals for skaters and the qualification path for her athletes in Stratford. “This is a way of acknowledging the accomplishment for skaters who are successful in reaching their goals. For my skaters this season, this was equal parts ‘journey’ and ‘destination’.”

The last word belongs to Skate Ontario Executive Director Lisa Alexander who wanted to congratulate everyone at the 2023 Skate Ontario Provincial Championships. “I am #SkateOntarioProud,” she said simply with a smile.