STAR 6-Gold Insider


Revised STAR 6-Gold Training – Introduction, Artistic, Skills, Dance and Free Skate are now available! (see e-learning below for direct links)

Please note: There are two versions of the dance training:

  • STAR 6-8 Training: Dance
  • STAR 6-Gold Training: Dance

Note: There are two evaluator qualifications for the discipline of Dance; Qualified Dance Evaluator (STAR 6-Gold levels) and Qualified STAR 6-8 Dance Evaluator.

Revised STAR 6-Gold Training Information

Revised STAR 6-Gold Training Information:

  • STAR 6-Gold Training: Introduction, no longer has an exam
  • Condensed curriculum
  • Simplified assessment standards and process
  • A more user-friendly training experience
  • Improved assessment sheets that include more information

Please note: The STAR 6 – Gold assessment content has not changed.

    • Exception:  Gold Skills Exercise Challenge.

Note: Until July 1, 2021, this element will be optional on the Gold Skills assessment. As of July 1, 2021, it will be mandatory. For more details see the Notice Board.

All individuals who have completed prior STAR 6-Gold courses will maintain their achievements in their Membership profile. Re-training is not mandatory, but with these revisions, it is highly recommended to review.

Streamlined Resources: All Assessment Resource Guides will include information for STAR 1 – Gold assessments. To obtain the most current information, please download the revised documents when available.

For Coaches: All STAR 1-5 assessment materials have been updated to reflect the revised STAR 6-Gold format. There will be no additional training required. The STAR 1-5 Coach Assessor Training will be updated for new coaches or those who have not completed this training.

Note: All assessment level videos in our Video Library will be updated with revised assessments in due course.

We encourage you to take these virtual trainings safely from home, so you are prepared when programming resumes. As a reminder, due to the fluidity of COVID-19, Skate Canada has created a dedicated webpage as a primary resource for our members and registrants. We would like to thank all of you for your dedication, patience and understanding as we work collectively through this unprecedented time.

    • Gold Evaluators – Promotion applications are now open. Please apply after completing the e-module and exam per discipline. You will need to upload your certificates of achievement.
    • Skate Ontario’s Mentored Assessment pathways have launched. More information can be found here. Stay tuned for more information and updates as we move through this process.
    • New Evaluators, Junior Bronze, Senior Bronze and Senior Silver Evaluators- Please request a Mentored Assessment here after completing your e-modules and exams.

NEW! Coach Assessor Pathway

  • Skate Ontario has just as just released the new Coach Assessor Pathway. This step-by-step document guides coaches through the process on how to become a Coach Assessor.
  • To view the Coach Assessor Pathway, please click here.




STAR 6-8 – Dance
STAR 6- Gold – Dance
STAR 6- Gold – Free Skate
STAR 6- Gold – Artistic
STAR 6-Gold- Skills
STAR 6-Gold – Intro (Coach/Official Training module)
STAR 6-Gold- On Ice Skills Seminar
Learning the Cha Cha Congelado (STAR 10A)
Learning the Silver Samba (STAR 9C)
How to create a Gold Rhythm Dance (Gold C)

Material Resources
*Click the link to access the Materials Store. You will need to sign in to view the selected items. These are direct link once you are logged into the Materials Store.
STAR: Assessment Resource Guide (will be updated by May 31, 2020)
Dance: Assessment Resource Guide
Artistic: Assessment Resource Guide
Skills: Assessment Resource Guide
Free Skate: Assessment Resource Guide
Synchro: Assessment Resource Guide
Assessment Coordinator Resource Guide
STAR 1-Gold Standards Chart
Skills: Exercise Patterns
Assessment Sheets – Skills
Assessment Sheets – Artistic
Assessment Sheets – Dance
Assessment Sheets – Free Skate Elements
Assessment Sheets – Free Skate Program
Assessment Sheets – Synchro
Individual Assessment Tracking – Synchro
Equivalency Chart
Spin- Difficult Variations Resource
Dance Patterns
Approved Music for Pattern Dances
Skate Canada Ice Summit – Coach & Evaluator Energizer presentation
Skating Development Video Library (YouTube)
Skating Development Video Library: Skills
Skating Development Video Library: Artistic
Skating Development Video Library: Freeskate Elements
Skating Development Video Library: Dance

*Remember to continue to check in to the Skate Canada Materials Store for printable resources and the Skate Canada Notice Board for updates.

Do you still have questions? Connect directly with the Skate Ontario Club Programs Department.