Skate Ontario Club Modernization Pilot Program

There’s a new and exciting program coming from Skate Ontario, and we don’t want you to miss out!  

  • Is your Club looking for strategies to increase participation and retention?  
  • Can you imagine what a 21st Century coaching model could do for your organization?  
  • What about receiving new methodologies that will enhance your overall operations?  

If any of these apply to your organization, then The Club Modernization Pilot Program is for you.

Why are we doing this?

Simply put, we want to support Clubs/Skating Schools in the further development of our Skaters. No Club/Skating School is too big or too small to benefit from this initiative.  

What is Club Modernization?

It is an exciting new program that provides Skate Ontario Member Clubs and Skating Schools with the opportunity to partner with Skate Ontario in the delivery of quality experiences in skating. Clubs/Skating Schools participating in the program are committed to the implementation of a standardized on-ice and off-ice skating program, and best in class governance and operational practices.  

This program will provide up to five selected Clubs/Skating Schools with mentorship and support with execution on how to combine key elements of on-ice coaching with off-ice physical literacy. Hand in hand, these 2 key elements, on-ice, and off-ice programming, will develop the skater’s physical literacy, athletic development, and a renewed passion for the sport.  

What you can expect from Participating in the Club Modernization Pilot Program:

Skate Ontario has been working with the Sioux Lookout Skating Club as our initial pilot club for this past season and here is what they had to say about the Club Modernization Pilot Program:  

The team from Skate Ontario regularly came to Sioux Lookout to work with our coaches. The schedule was flexible, and they were here more often at the beginning of the season to help set everything up. They worked directly with our lead coaches and came when needed to set new goals and tweak the programming. They provided amazing support to our coaches. Our coaches know that they are not alone and that they can reach out to the team from Skate ON for anything!”

(Board Exec/Parent of Sioux Lookout Athlete)   

“I couldn’t believe the skating show this year. All the skaters have shown so much improvement and they were all having FUN! The coaches made this happen! Being part of this project with Skate Ontario is one of the best things to happen for our small club in Northern Ontario.”

(Parent of Sioux Lookout Athlete).  

Skate Ontario will provide: 

Ongoing Training + Support  

  • Training and support by Skate Ontario staff in multiple coaching methods for all on-ice and off-ice programming. Training and support by Skate Ontario staff for all aspects of governance and operations.  

Governance & Operations  

Skate Ontario will assist the club/skating school with the development of: 

  • A strategic plan 
  • A succession plan 
  • A board orientation and onboarding process  
  • A policy audit  
  • A volunteer management strategy.  


  • Skate Ontario will provide guidance and support to create a customized 3-year plan for the program 

Annual Club/Skating School Program Reviews   

  • Club/Skating Schools will receive yearly periodization planning and goal setting at the beginning of each year  

Coaching Evaluations 

  • Skate Ontario will assist the Club/Skating School in providing performance reviews with each coach to determine their goals and professional development opportunities. If a Club/Skating School has a technical director, Skate Ontario will support them in the performance review process with the coaching staff.  


  • All off-ice equipment that is needed for the program will be provided by Skate Ontario. Club/skating school will be provided off-ice spinners from iSpinner, basketballs, volleyballs, soccer balls, frisbees, agility ladders, pylons, and more. 

Interested in Becoming involved in the Club Modernization Pilot Program?  

Simply follow the steps below to learn more information!

Step 1: Please fill out this survey to indicate your Club/Skating School’s interest in learning more about this program. 

Step 2: Skate Ontario will contact all Clubs/Skating Schools who complete the survey to provide further detail and answer questions related to the Pilot Program. 

Step 3: The application process will open May 31, 2024.  Applications will be accepted until June 21, 2024. 

Selected clubs will be contacted by July 30, 2024. 

For any further questions about this exciting program, do not hesitate to contact: Scott Rachuk, Director, Sport at [email protected]. 

At Skate Ontario, we are focused on developing a lifelong joy of skating. Hope you can join us and become a part of this journey through the Club Modernization Pilot Program.