Sophia Kagolvskaya & Kieran MacDonald

“Figure skating is something that I am very passionate about, and I couldn’t imagine not skating with Kieran every day as we have skated together for so long.” -Sophia
“I really like figure skating, and it has been a part of my life for a long time. I enjoy being able to train and compete with Sophia, as we always have fun together.” -Kieran


Program: Dance
Level: Pre-Novice
Skating club and town: Ayr Skating Club, Ayr

“Our favourite moment in our skating career was when we finished second at Challenge in Pre-Novice Dance this past season.” Sophia Kaglovskaya and Kieran MacDonald decided to answer our questions as a team, just like they are on the ice. “We had worked hard all year, and we were happy that we were able to have such a successful season, and place second at Challenge with a personal best score!”

Sophia and Kieran have been skating together since she was seven and he was nine. They’re currently at the Ayr Skating Club, which they say is very supportive and helpful whether they’re training or competing. “We train three and a half hours a day, on ice, five days a week. In addition to our on-ice training, we also do ballet, hip hop, ballroom, and off ice conditioning with our personal trainer.”

The first time Sophia and Kieran travelled for a competition was last summer, for the Skate Ontario Summer Competition Initiative. “Last year we were selected to go to BC Summer Skate. This was such a great opportunity, and we learned so much from the experience! It was also our first time competing in a different time zone. We learned lots of valuable things from this experience, and they will be useful to us throughout the rest of our career. We also really enjoyed bonding with the rest of the team of skaters that travelled to the competition, and we had lots of fun with everyone!”

Sophia and Kieran’s advice is to train hard and enjoy the process. “Always focus on yourself as a team, and focus on achieving personal best scores rather than solely focusing on overall placements.”