Skater in Residence – Elvis Stojko

As far as Ontario figure skating legends are concerned, this man sits pretty much at the top.

I am talking of course about Elvis Stojko. On the ice, he won the Canadian title seven times, the World title three times as well as earning two Olympic silver medals. Add to that, two World Records for being the first person to land a quadruple jump in combination with a double jump at the 1991 World Figure skating championships, and the first to perform a quadruple jump in combination with a triple jump at the 1997 Champion series Final. Elvis has also been a headliner in tours and shows around the figure skating world.

Off the ice, Elvis is a master in martial arts; a way of being and training to which he has attributed much of his success. Elvis has also moved into performing on the stage as an actor and a singer including performances at the Prince of Wales Theatre in Toronto and on Broadway. In case you thought that he was no longer interested in the thrill of competition, Elvis found himself as a driver on the Kart circuit. He never stops.

When there is down time, Elvis and his wife Gladys, who are both animal lovers, spend time volunteering in animal shelters. They have three rescue dogs of their own!

This kind of dedication and willingness to explore new frontiers is something from which we can all learn. As a generous teacher, expect to learn a thing or two while Elvis is the Skate Ontario Skater in residence.

Find Elvis online: Twitter @ElvisStojko  Instagram: @elvistojko


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