Skate Ontario Live Stream Commentary Team

November 2023, Mississauga.  Skate Ontario is thrilled to announce the creation of a team dedicated to commentary on the live stream this season. Live streaming has become a priority for Skate Ontario and a necessity for skating fans, coaches, parents and skaters everywhere.

An exhaustive process started in the summer which included training sessions and practical opportunities to work on acquired skills. Each member of the team was required to present in front of a panel that was evaluating their potential from which the decisions were made for inclusion on the Skate Ontario Commentary team.

A legendary member of the skating family from Ontario and notable commentator and author, Debbi Wilkes, was brought in to assist with training and subsequent feedback. “I am impressed by the level of skill that we found with the commentators,” said Debbi. “I think that having people from within the Skate Ontario community in many different capacities can only enhance the online viewing experience for the fans.

This program is unique to Skate Ontario and offers the fans the chance to hear about skating in Ontario competitions, by commentators also from the same area.

Skate Ontario Live Stream Commentators:

  • Judy Chow
  • Meaghan Churchill
  • Lexus Czarina
  • Emma Daigle
  • Cheryl Hockley
  • Fletcher Lu
  • Glenn Sevillo
  • Mazin Thomas
  • Jacob White
  • Stacey Williams

Debbi said it best: “When you combine their distinct personalities with their knowledge of skating, you’ve got a blockbuster team!

This is the first in what will continue to evolve as a way of sharing what we love best: Ontario skaters and skating!

The first Skate Ontario event you will hear commentary is this weekend, November 2-5 with the Junior/Senior Skate Ontario Sectional Championships (North Rink). Stay tuned for the complete list of events that will include commentary.

To access our live stream calendar, please click here.

We are #SkateOntarioProud