As the provincial governing body, Skate Ontario has the responsibility for the sanctioning of skating activities in Ontario.

Sanctioning supports the goal of staging quality sport and physical activities throughout the province. “The quality of sport and physical activity is achieved when good people do the right thing at the right times. Quality sport and physical activity is developmentally appropriate, well run, safe and inclusive.”

Skate Ontario promotes the execution of developmentally and stage appropriate activities and events that are:

  • participant centered,
  • progressive and challenging,
  • well planned and
  • designed to create meaningful opportunities.

The purpose of sanctioning:

  • ensure the commitment of the event organizer that the event will be conducted in accordance with Skate Ontario sanctioning guidelines
  • ensure that the event will conducted in an inclusive and welcoming, fun, fair and safe manner
  • ensure that the event meets a standard of quality required for sanctioning with Skate Ontario

Sanctioned activities will provide the following:

  • promote quality sport and physical activity
  • developmentally appropriate for participants
  • inclusive and welcoming
  • safe environment for learning
  • costs economical for participants

Note: Clubs/Skating Schools must follow all local facility guidelines. This includes maximum numbers on the ice, physical distancing, cleaning protocols, daily health screening, participant tracking, etc.

What types of activities require sanctions?

  1. Multi-club* activities:
  • Prep/Information sessions
  • Skill Development sessions
  • Motivational sessions
  • Simulations
  • Feedback sessions
  • Challenge Days
  • Performance Opportunities
  • Fun events
  1. Any in-club** events that request the use of officials.

*Multi-club refers to any activity that includes skaters from another club.
**In-club refers to any activity where all skaters are members of the host club.

What types of activities do not require a sanction?

  • Any in-club activity, including:
    • Prep/Information sessions
    • Skill Development sessions
    • Motivational sessions
    • Simulations
    • Feedback sessions
    • Challenge Days
    • Performance Opportunities (including ice shows)
    • Fun events

Note: In-club events require a sanction to request officials

Use of Officials

  1. Multi-Club activities
  2. Officials can be used for simulations, monitoring or feedback sessions
  3. The use of Officials will not be approved for any categories offered in STAR 1 – 4 and Super Series events (please see the STAR Technical package)
  4. In-Club Activities
    • Officials can be used for simulations, monitoring, feedback sessions, and competitions
    • *Note – If you plan to offer multiple simulation, monitoring, feedback sessions throughout the season, sanction approval can be applied for in one application.

Sanction Application Fees

  • In-club activities and events – no fee
  • Multi-club activities and events – $20


How to apply for a Sanction

1. Complete the Sanction Form

2. Send the form and payment confirmation to [email protected]

To complete payment, please reach out to Jarret Melanson, [email protected]. *Sanction requests may take up to three (3) weeks to process. Please apply for a sanction well in advance of your event. If you have any questions about sanctions, please contact [email protected]