Rosie Laidler

“I started skating when i was five years old…It’s my passion. I feel happy when I am on the ice. I love the music and the dance steps.”


Program: Special Olympics
Level: Level 6 Singles & Solo Dance
Skating club and town: Kincardine Skating Club, Kincardine

“Special Olympics has provided me with competition with athletes at my ability level,” says Rosie Laidler. “It has given me the chance to travel to many places in Ontario, Canada and the World. It has given me opportunity to meet and make friends with people across Canada and around the world.”

Rosie began skating when she was five years old and started competing in Special Olympics when she was 11. “I train on ice twice a week and off ice once a week in the STARSkate program at my skating club. I even practice my jumps at home in my living room.” This is coupled with some off ice training, “I work with a personal trainer at the gym twice a week and I walk A LOT!”

Favourite moments and experiences in her skating career is quite an impressive list and include attending her first Provincial Games in 1995, and her first National Games in 2000. She represented Canada at two World Games in 2001 and 2017 and brought home medals. She was even honoured as part of Team Canada in the Houses of Parliament in Ottawa. She really enjoyed competing at Weskate with all the other skaters from her club even though she competed in the Special Olympics events.

When asked what her skating club has meant to her, Rosie mentions, “my clubs, first Ripley and then Kincardine, have been so encouraging and supportive. I am treated as a regular member of the club even though I am now 35. They cheer my accomplishments. They signed a Canada flag for me and to take to World Games in 2017 and gave it to me on ice at the club Gala.”

She has some great advice for upcoming Special Olympics athletes, “to work hard and listen to the oath. You need to listen to your coaches and be committed to the sport. Most of all, have fun!”


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