Promotions and Pathways – Officials’ Surveys Highlights

Thank you to the many Officials that took time to respond to our recent surveys.   While we are still reviewing much of the information we collected, we want to share a small sampling of what we heard from you:

  • Approximately 30% of our Provincial/Sectional Officials have been less active since the start of the pandemic while approximately 10% have not been active at all.
  • Approximately 25% of our STAR 1-4/Juvenile/BLTO Officials have been less active since the start of the pandemic while approximately 30% have not been active at all.
  • However, 40% of Sectional/Provincial series Officials and 60% of STAR 1-4/Juvenile/BLTO officials plan to be MORE active in the coming seasons.
  • We heard that many officials are interested in pursuing qualifications at a higher level in many different roles and disciplines.
  • When it comes to Continuing Education, officials strongly consider in-person seminars and mentoring the most impactful methods of learning.
  • However, on-line pre-season updates were considered the best way to prepare for the start of a new season.
  • Several officials that have not been active in some time also indicated a desire to reactivate and refresh their qualifications and a few indicated they were choosing to step away from their officiating career at this point.
  • Approximately 60% of officials indicated they would be interested in having a conversation about their officiating goals and individual pathways.

Using this information, the Promotions & Pathway Working Group has been busy doing the following:

  • Liaising with the Assignments Sectional Series Working Group to assist in high level planning for the season at Sectional Series events.
  • Liaising with the Education & Development Working Group to scope out suggested activities for the 2023-24 season that will best address the many different needs of our vast Ontario officials’ community.
  • Considering the best methodology for connecting with officials during the Spring/Summer months to engage in conversations about their goals and pathways.