Performance & Development Opportunities Challenge

Given the importance of skater engagement and motivation in clubs and skating schools, we have set-up a province-wide challenge to highlight the amazing Performance and Development Opportunities (PDOs) you are offering.

Each month, we are challenging clubs/skating schools to share the PDOs you are providing for your skaters.

Check out the PDO Challenge poster here.

Keeping in line with season planning, we have chosen specific PDOs appropriate for each month of training:

  • September – Prep/Information Session
  • October – Skill Development Session
  • November – Challenge Day
  • December – Performance Opportunity

How it works:

  • Plan and run your PDO
  • Share a picture or short video of your PDO using Facebook or Instagram. Tag us and use the hashtag #PDOChallenge
  • Tell us why your session was meaningful for you and your skaters

Each month there will be a random draw to select a winner for the Skate Ontario prize pack!*

*Draws will take place on the 5th of the following month.

September - Prep/Information SessionRun a Prep/Information Session for your skaters in the month of September.
This is a great way to begin purposeful practice of skills during training and healthy off-ice habits.

The session could cover:
• COVID-19 protocols
• Club skating etiquette, safety during a busy session
• Off-ice warm-up
• Hydration and Snacks for performance
• Healthy sleep patterns
• Preparations for training – Training books, goal setting, planning daily practice sessions
• Technical knowledge (Proper spin positions, jumps, edges, etc.)
• Learning CPC
• And many more!

Tell us what topics you chose to cover and how you made how you made your session engaging for the skaters.
October - Skill Development SessionRun a Skill Development Session for your skaters in the month of October.

These sessions develop and focus on technical fundamentals and quality skill development.

Examples of possible session topics include:
• Jump technique
• Spin positions
• Landing positions
• Off-ice harness
• Flexibility training
• Jump technique
• Spin technique
• Edge work
• Landings
• Dance
• Power/Speed
…and many more!

Tell us your focus for the session, how you maximized delivery, and kept skater engagement through the session.
November - Challenge DayRun a Challenge Day for your skaters in the month of November.

Challenge Days provide exciting and engaging ways for skaters to push their limits, pursue goals, explore different forms of training, and venture out of their comfort zone.

Some focus areas for Challenge Days could include:
• Fitness
• Flexibility
• Nutrition
• Team Building activities
• Jumps
• Spins
• Field Moves
• Teamwork
…and many more! Be creative!

For detailed examples and more information about Challenge Days, check out our Challenge Days Resource.

Tell us what your focus of the day, how you maximized participation and kept it fun!
December - Performance OpportunityRun a Performance Opportunity for your skaters in the month of December.

Performance Opportunities are a great way to give skaters a time to showcase their skills, achievements, and hard work in a relaxed setting.

Examples of this type of opportunity include:

Showcase or Gala
Holiday Ice Show

Tell us what made your performance opportunity special? Were you able to involve the community? Did you air the gala virtually?

For more information about Performance & Development Opportunities (PDOs), visit our PDO resource page.

For any questions, please contact Sharon Maki.