Molly Lanaghan & Dmitre Razgulajevs

“Skating grew me from a little girl and shaped me into the person I am. I couldn’t thank the sport enough for all it’s given me and keeps giving.” -Molly
“Training is incredible, it’s truly my favourite part of the sport. I love pushing myself to the max; to the point where my lungs feel like they will explode,
and my legs turn to stone.” -Dmitre


Program: Dance
Level: Senior
Skating club and town: Scarboro Figure Skating Club, Scarborough

“Any one who ever skated before knows that the feeling of your blades on the ice is indescribable,” says Molly Lanaghan, when we ask about what the sport means to her. “When I took my first steps on the ice and felt that feeling, it didn’t take long for me to realise that my ultimate dream in life is held in this sport and that I would do anything for achieve it.”

Molly and Dmitre Razgulajevs began competing together in 2017, each having had two partners before. They placed first at the 2018 Ontario Sectionals.

“Over my career I’ve had many amazing experiences such as beautiful countries, to amazing achievements. If I had to pick one, it would be simple,” says Dmitre. “These past nationals, in a packed arena, I looked beside me as they called our names to start, and I had a new partner who sacrificed everything to move from home to skate with me. I realized then that I finally have the partner of my dreams who loves this as much as me, if not more.”

Molly is from Doncaster, Great Britain, so we ask her about skating in Ontario. “Being able to compete in Ontario was really good for us, especially being a new team, so every competition was a learning experience for us. We were able to gain helpful feedback from the judges and improve our performances, so we could be at our best to represent our province.”

Molly and Dmitre train and skate for Scarboro FSC. Dmitre says, “My club is my home, my family. Since day one of my career I’ve been blessed with tons of great coaches: from my father and mother both being my coaches, to the amazing Jon and Carol Lane, to every coach at Scarborough FSC that helped me learn how to skate. The club supports us incredibly, and despite it being an old recreational building, I wouldn’t change it for anything. No club in the world could ever be this close to my heart as Scarborough FSC is.”

“Scarboro FSC really welcomed me since joining the club last season,” Molly added. “We’re able to train in a supportive and adaptable work environment and I’m really glad to have joined the Ice Dance Elite Team and can’t wait for the many years of training with SFSC.”