Maureen Thompson

“When I quit skating as a teenager, I didn’t dream I would eventually have the opportunity to not only figure skate again but learn and improve on my skating.  Having specific adult programming has also made it acceptable to test and compete as an adult, which I have embraced.”


Maureen ThompsonProgram: Adult, Dance
Level: Gold Level
Skating town: Mississauga

Maureen Thompson is in her 50s, and she’s not slowing down. “I typically skate 6-8 hours per week so that I can improve. This allows me to test a dance approximately every 4 months at a club test day.

“I am told I am ‘intense’ about my skating, but I it is my desire to continuously improve that gets me to the ice so often.”

Maureen is working on completing her last Gold Dance before she moves onto the Diamond Dances. She’s already begun preparing and working on them. “I hope to test most, if not all, of the Diamond Dances eventually.

“Returning to skating as an adult has provided me such joy in progressing and learning.” Maureen started skating when she was 8 years old and continued before stopping when she was 17. It wasn’t until she was 45 that she returned to the figure skating world. “I have the ability to understand and apply what I am being instructed to do so much more than I was ever able to as a child, and that is very rewarding. From a fitness level, I would say I am in the best shape of my life. What better way to get, and stay, in great shape than doing something I am so passionate about? I also love the social aspect. I have met so many interesting adult figure skaters with an interesting variety of backgrounds.

“If you love it, do it!” is Maureen’s advice. “Don’t think you are too old to resume your skating, or even start! There are many ways to get back on the ice – free skating, interpretive, skills, ice dance, social ice dance events and synchro. You can test, and even compete at the adult level, or just skate for the fun of it. The adult skating community is supportive and encouraging and enthusiastic. We’re all just happy to skate our hearts out every opportunity we get.”