Mary Furlong Kelly

“Stay positive. Set goals and do your best. Don’t let negativity get in your mind; there will always be bad days and good days.”


Program: STARSkate
Level: Star 7 (short), Star 6 (free)
Skating club and town: Thunder Bay Figure Skating Club, Thunder Bay

“Figure skating means basically the whole world to me,” says Mary Furlong Kelly. “My life revolves around skating. From just skating in my backyard to skating at competition and practicing jumps in my living room.”

Mary placed third at the Ontario Provincial Championships in Kingston on March 17, 2018, and she says it was one of her favourite moments. “It was an amazing feeling coming off the ice with a clean skate.”

Mary has trained two hours a day, five to six days a week in previous years. “I also attend ballet to improve my skating skills. I stretch and do off ice in my living room if I have time before going to practice,” says Mary.

“My coach is Barb O’Brien; she’s been coaching me ever since I started skating. Barb has been a great impact in my skating career, and always being there for me. I sometimes do group lessons with other skaters, and dance lessons as well.”

On top of her training, Mary is grateful for the extra opportunities of attending seminars and workshops, and her club has been supportive throughout her career and learning experiences. “The Thunder Bay Figure Skating club has always been there for me; everyone is always so supportive. There is never a day that goes by that I will not have fun at the rink.”

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