Liam Carr

“Only in synchro is each and every movement so closely tied to one another.  We depend on one another in a way that just isn’t experienced with other team sports and we skate
but as one.”


Synchro skaters Liam Carr, Robbie-Lynn Puspoky and Tara Brandie

Synchro skaters Liam Carr, Robbie-Lynn Puspoky and Tara Brandie. Photo by Jim Coveart

Program: Synchro, Dance
Level: Junior (S), Junior (D)
Skating club and town: Ilderton Skating Club, Ilderton

“I started synchronized skating because I just couldn’t get enough of skating,” says Liam Carr. “Synchronized skating gave me another opportunity to enjoy doing what I love. I skated on a synchro team for four seasons and then was away from synchro for seven seasons while I focused mainly on ice dance. This past 2017/2018 season was my first since 2009/2010 and I was thrilled to be back on a synchro team in addition to ice dance.

“The Ilderton Intermediate team trains twice a week, with additional stroking sessions and off ice training throughout the season and extra practices as we near competitions,” says Liam. In addition, he trains in ice dance for five sessions a week and free skate once or twice. “I also do additional off ice training and I took up running last spring with the hope of qualifying for the Boston Marathon.”

Liam says his club is everything to him – he’s grown up in Ilderton Skating Club over the past 15 seasons. “My club is my family, my friends, my mentors. My club has given me the opportunity to grow in a sport that I love and also given me the chance to give back through volunteering on lower sessions.

“My advice for new, upcoming, or other skaters is to give synchro a try. It’s an experience like no other; your skating will improve, you’ll learn to work as a team, have the opportunity to travel, have a lot of fun, and make amazing friends.”