Layla Veillon

“I love being part of a big team of skaters. We work really hard and have a lot of fun too”


Layla Veillon

Program: Synchro, Dance
Level: Novice (S), Juvenile (D)
Skating Club and Town:
Ilderton Skating Club, Ilderton

“I watched a lot of synchro practices for my sister and saw my sister and cousins perform, and couldn’t wait to start when I was old enough,” says Layla Veillon when asked why she decided to try synchronized skating. “I have trained twice a week for synchro this past year, and we have on and off-ice practice. On ice we work on stroking and choreography, but off-ice we can do yoga, fitness, and we do run-throughs of our program to work on our presentation.

How does a synchro team improve throughout the year? “We have been able to perform in 4-5 competitions this past season from December to February, all of them in Ontario. We get better by competing and learning where we need to improve,” says Layla.

“I skate for Ilderton Skating Club with the best coaches and skaters I could hope for. I am really lucky to be at a club that feels like family.”

Layla gives some advice for new and upcoming synchro skaters – “Work hard, practice, have fun. Everything comes together and feels great!”