Layla Veillon & Alexander Brandys

“Skating for me is my second family.” -Layla
“All the coaches are like a big family, and they all care about Layla and
my success.” -Alexander


Program: Dance
Level: Juvenile
Skating club and town: Ilderton Skating Club, Ilderton

“I used to watch my older sister,” says Layla Veillon, 11, “and it made me want to start skating.”

“I started skating for fun with my best friend and my older brother when I was three years old,” says Alex Brandys, 12. “After my friend moved on to hockey, I decided to stay to figure skate like my brother.

“Alex and I train together, but also on our own, so we can build our skills to get better,” says Layla after we ask about her training.

Skate Ontario has offered more competitions for Layla and Alex to enter. “We get to compete often and see how we improve each time and what to work on to get better for the next competition,” says Alex. “I always look at the report cards with my coach. She also helps me work on the next tests.”

Layla and Alex have two favourite moments: winning the Ontario STARSkate Provincial Championships in Juvenile Dance, and working with Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir on the ice a few years ago.

“Always try your hardest and never give up,” is Layla’s advice for skaters.

“Work hard, push yourself, pass your limits and keep trying when you make mistakes.” Alex adds, “And of course, have fun!”