Laura Kilpatrick

“I’ve found that coaching not only allows me to be a part of the figure skating community, but as a university team skating coach it also allows me to be part of the university sport community, supporting student-athletes to continue their sport goals while simultaneously completing higher education degrees.”


Job: CoachCarleton University Varsity Coach
Teacher of: Varsity/Collegiate
Skating university and town: Carleton University, Ottawa

“After having been a skater for most of my life, I started coaching to become involved in the sport in a different capacity and to help others in achieving their skating goals.” Laura Kilpatrick loves her job and her skaters.

“It is always great to see skaters put out their best performance in competition, and as a university skating coach, I’ve been able to stand with many skaters at their last competitive skate once their four years of university is up. To be able to be a part of this moment for many skaters has provided many memorable experiences.”

Laura believes it’s important to have a training plan that doesn’t just span weeks, but also months and the whole upcoming season. “But also know how important it is to be able to adapt and tackle situations presented first-hand. Expecting the most out of skaters also helps them to expect this of themselves.

“My club is basically a home away from home,” Lauren says when we ask. “University clubs are unique as they run solely to provide the institution’s student-skaters the opportunity to continue to skate and compete. It is made up of a community of likeminded individuals that selflessly support this goal. Having participated in university figure skating myself, I know how much a school’s varsity or competitive club can add to one’s university experience and it is important for me to have this opportunity available to others.”