Katie Dortono

“For the level that I am coaching at, if the skaters aren’t enjoying themselves then I’m not doing my job. I believe it’s possible to be a great skater and still have fun,
so I strive to keep challenging my skaters technically
without losing sight of the fun aspects of skating.”


Job: CoachVarsity coach Katie Dortono
Teacher of: Varsity/Collegiate
Skating university and town: Brock University, St. Catharines

“A big reason I started coaching was an overwhelming desire to stay connected to the sport that I love,” says Katie Dortono. “My mom is also a skating coach; through her experiences I have seen how rewarding it is to continue a passion for skating through coaching, and knew it was the right choice for me too.”

Katie is a coach at Brock University for the Ontario University Athletics (OUA) Varsity figure skating program. “This unique opportunity has allowed me to challenge myself in new ways as a coach, and experience new kinds of success not typically available through the other skating streams. Leading a University program up through the rankings to a top 3 finish within the OUA two seasons in a row has definitely been a career highlight for me.”

Katie considers herself to still be a new and upcoming coach. She’s still applying the experiences and skills she first developed with other coaches when she was younger, and being mentored by other coaches she greatly respects. Her club provides her with a place to do this and an environment where she is supported, encouraged and valued.

“My advice to those beginning their coaching career is to have humility, and to connect with and learn from the coaches around you,” says Katie. “These connections will serve you not only in terms of building your coaching skills but will enhance your experiences as a coach as well.”