ISU Junior Grand Prix Season 2023

Congratulations to all of the Ontario athletes who represented Canada on the ISU Junior Grand Prix circuit this season! For some, this was their first time competing internationally on the JGP circuit. We are #SkateOntarioProud of all skaters and coaches! A special shoutout goes to Jazmine Desrochers/Kieran Thrasher who won the bronze medal at both of their events as well as Ava Kemp/Yohnatan Elizarov for their gold medal and 4th place finish, securing their spots in the ISU Junior Grand Prix Final in Beijing, China from December 6-10. Way to go!

Please see below for the complete list of Ontario skaters who competed on the JGP circuit this season –

ISU JGP Bangkok:

  • Grayson Long – 9th place
  • Rio Morita – 11th place
  • Hetti Shi – 7th place
  • Layla Veillon/Alexander Brandys – 4th place

ISU JGP Istanbul:

  • David Bondar – 12th place
  • Terry Yu Tao Jin – 15th place
  • Jazmine Desrochers/Kieran Thrasher – 3rd place
  • Dana Sabatini-Speciale/Nicholas Buelow – 8th place
  • Emma Goodstadt/Christian Bennett – 14th place

ISU JGP Osaka:

  • David Shteyngart – 13th place
  • Layla Veillon/Alexander Brandys – 7th place

ISU JGP Budapest:

  • Dana Sabatini-Speciale/Nicholas Buelow – 5th place
  • Caroline Kravets/Jacob Stark – 12th place
  • Ava Kemp/Yohnatan Elizarov – 4th place

ISU JGP Gdansk:

  • Alec Guinzbourg – 11th place
  • Lulu Lin – 7th place
  • Ava Kemp/Yohnatan Elizarov – 1st place
  • Jazmine Desrochers/Kieran Thrasher – 3rd place

ISU JGP Yerevan:

  • Alisa Korneva/Kieran MacDonald – 5th place