How to Move Beyond Spreadsheets and Rigid Club Software 

Don’t struggle for another season with cumbersome administration processes and tools.

Join our FREE Webinar for Skate Ontario Clubs on Thursday, Sept 26th at 8 PM EDT to learn how to save time and effort with Uplifter’s customizable skating club software.


In 60 minutes, we’ll demonstrate our most popular club enhancing features, including:

  • Real-time online registration and program availability
  • Automated program matching, wait list management, discounts and subscriptions
  • Automated Skate Canada member submission tool
  • Customizable membership and financial reports
  • Family accounts with self-serve payments and robust skater profiles
  • CanSkate/STARSkate class evaluation tools, attendance tracking, and digital report cards
  • Targeted member email communication tool
  • Easy-to-use custom website builder tools

Start benefiting from Uplifter’s flexible skating club software and proactive customer support today!

Contact Uplifter at with any questions.

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