Program Component Resources

ISU Program Component Video Links

ISU Program Component Video Summary

ISU Program Components Chart - Singles, Pairs, Ice Dance & Synchronized Skating

ISU Program Components Chart - Pattern Dance

Skate Canada Program Components - Key Reminders and Guidance for Judges

Referee Resources

Skate Canada Referee Manual - Singles/Pairs/Ice Dance/Synchronized Skating

ISU Referee Manual - Synchronized Skating - Season 2023-24

Will update when released.

Pattern Dance Procedures for Referees without Technical Panel

Worksheets, Forms & Guidelines

Deductions: Who is responsible - Singles & Pairs

Deductions - Who is Responsible - Rhythm and Free Dance

Judges/Referee Worksheet - Singles & Pairs

Judge/Referee Worksheet - Ice Dance

Judge/Referee Worksheet - Pattern Dance

Judge/Referee Worksheet - Synchronized Skating

Judging Performance Assessment Form

Judging Performance Assessment Guidelines

Technical Representatives


ISU Special Regulation and Technical Rules - Singles/Pairs and Ice Dance

ISU Special Regulation and Technical Rules Synchronized Skating

Workaround Procedures for CSS and LTS

Selection Criteria for Sectional Series Events May 2023