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Start Orders have now been posted.

Feb 21 – An updated schedule has been posted.  Saturday Pfaff rink is affected. 

Entry lists have now been posted.  Group change requests will not be accommodated.


All program music will be played on CDs.  Skaters should submit 1 master and 1 back-up CD at skater registration.  This includes ALL pattern dance entries.  Please ensure your CDs are clearly labeled with the skater’s name, home club, and category.  Alternatively, your coach may keep your back-up CD with them rink side. Back-up CDs must not be kept in the dressing room.  Should there be an issue with the master CD, and the back-up CD is not accessible rink side, the skater will be required to skate their program to another competitor’s music. All other forms of back-up music, including phones, Ipods, Ipads, and USBs will NOT be accepted.


Videos will be available for purchase from Tony Hicks, The Camera Guy.  You can order videos using this form, or by scanning the QR code posted onsite.  Questions about videos should be directed to [email protected].

Questions about this event should be directed to Stephanie Lafleur [email protected]

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