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April 27 – An updated schedule and start orders have been posted

Start Orders have now been posted – please see the ‘Downloads’ section of this page.  Categories are listed in the same order in which they have been scheduled.


The Award schedules have now been posted.   Awards will be presented both Saturday and Sunday.  Please note the times you are required to have your sections decorated and posters/banners on display for your club to be considered for these awards.

*Contest Update*: Longest Spin, Longest Spiral, Longest One-Foot Glide, and Longest One-Foot Sit Glide contests will be timed events. Skaters will be timed once they have hit the position and timed until they are no longer in the position.


For more information on Bring on the Fun 2023, please click here

BOTF Update – March 13, 2023

  • This event has passed