Denis Margalik

“[Figure skating] is a sport and an art, and because of the ice, it’s able to provide the foundation to be able to blend the two into a thrilling and beautiful show.”


Program: Varsity – Singles
Skating university and town: Western University, London
Previous skating clubs and towns: Canadian Ice Academy, Mississaugua & Richmond Training Centre, Richmond Hill

“I was a late bloomer on the skating scene.” Denis Margalik began his on-ice career at the age of eight, when he first started to learn to skate. “The skating programs in Ontario were able to help me build the base of my athleticism and skills and because of it, I was able to develop pretty quickly to catch up to the level of competitors of my age within just a few years.”

It was after he finished his international skating career that he knew he wasn’t ready to fully let go of the sport he ‘so passionately loved.’ “Once I realized that Western University had a varsity figure skating team, I had no second thoughts on joining the team.

“Being on varsity, my main priority are my academics,” says Denis. “And because of that my training time has reduced. I only train three days a week for two hours at six o’clock in the morning.”

Denis says every moment with his teammates is his favourite. “With varsity, you are a part of something greater, not just representing yourself, but your school and teammates. And because of that, every moment I am around my teammates is my favourite moment.”

Denis trained at two other clubs before entering Western University – the Canadian Ice Academy in Mississauga and the Richmond Training Centre in Richmond Hill – and said they always offered him support and motivation. “Because of that, they mean the world to me, as without them I wouldn’t have achieved the successes I did.”