December Skater in Residence – Kirsten Moore-Towers

Skate Ontario’s December Skater in Residence is a woman you’ll recognize with a long-standing pair career that includes a national title with her current partner Michael Marinaro and qualification to the upcoming Grand Prix Final in Torino, Italy. Kirsten Moore-Towers’ skating skill stands on its own merit.

Her attributes and accomplishments include an Olympic silver medal and a spirit that is inspirational, generous and honest. That candour makes Kirsten a favourite with fans and journalists alike.

The St. Catharines native has been on the ice since she was two and a half years old and skating pairs since 2008. Her passion for the sport led to partnerships with three different men and two trips to the Olympic Games. Kirsten’s single-minded determination is a road map for any skater looking to turn their hard work into success on their own terms.

Look for Kirsten to give us a peek into her skating world on and off the ice. Kirsten’s blogs will be posted on September 6th and 20th and there will be a social media activation announced at some point this month too!

To follow Kirsten on social media, she can be found here on Instagram @kirsten_mt.

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