Volunteer Toolkit

Volunteer Guide

Volunteers are vital to the success of any club or school. Everyone has a talent and those unique individuals who are willing to share their time and talent to contribute to the growth of a club/school are true champions. Whether you are the leader of the group or help out at a fundraising event, every volunteer is important and necessary; but, how do we get volunteers to sign up, stay motivated and remain a volunteer for years to come?

We have put together a Volunteer Guide including resources to assist you. This guide is designed to help clubs and schools plan and execute a successful volunteer recruitment strategy.

Whether your club/school is new to volunteer recruitment, or have a great volunteer base already established, this guide provides resources and ideas for optimizing volunteer programs by using the 4-R’s system: RECRUIT, RETAIN, RECOGNIZE and RELATE.

THE 4 –R’s System

Recruit: You are ready to seek out new volunteers…but who, where and how?
Retain: Now that you have a wonderful group of volunteers, you want to keep them engaged, challenged and returning to do more.
Recognize: Volunteers deserve gratitude and recognition for their work. They are giving you a fantastic gift – time! How do we show thanks and provide recognition for volunteers?
Relate: Developing a strong relationship with volunteers is vital. Creating a connection with volunteers will help to grow and build the first 3-R’s – Recruit, Retain, Recognize.