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Skate Ontario is delighted to announce a new initiative to benefit coaches with our Glide partner the Communiti App, that will allow for coaches to generate an additional revenue stream. Best of all? It’s FREE for coaches to register and use.

Current Skate Canada registered coaches in good standing who are working at a Skate Ontario club or skating school, will be eligible to join this program through the Communiti Club and Coach app where their coaching services can be advertised to an online marketplace for potential students looking for lessons.

This is perfect for coaches who would like to work more hours than are offered at their club or skating school.

Think of this as the perfect ‘Try Before You Buy’ for potential skating students.

Frequently asked questions:

How much does this cost for coaches to use this app to advertise and sell lessons to clients?

It’s FREE.

Do I create my own profile?

Yes! You will be asked to provide any/all of the information you want to share including your rate, your experience, your location, your availability, etc., …

How will I be paid?

You get paid through the app. You need to provide your banking information when you register as you would for any other online payment. In order to book you for lessons, students will have to prepay using their credit card on the app. Once Communiti has the money, they will forward it to your account.

How do potential students contact me?

You are contacted through the app and can communicate with potential students/parents in real time.

How much can I charge for lessons?

You set your own rate and can even offer packages of two or more lessons according to your own specifications.

How do I get started?

You are invited to join a waiting list here:


Once Communiti has confirmed that you are a registered coach in good standing, you will be required to purchase compulsory additional liability insurance ($199 + HST/year) then the next steps will get you on the app in minutes!

Why do I have to have additional liability insurance if I am already insured through my Skate Canada membership?

Skating can be considered high risk and for situations that are not taking place on club/skating school ice where you would be covered, making sure you are insured is in the best interest of not only you as a coach but those of your potential clients.

The following are real life examples from our insurance broker of what can happen if you aren’t insured:

  • In this past year, a summer sport coach got named individually in a suit for an incident that occurred during practice. Thankfully, the coach was covered by the PTSO policy – current legal costs are already over $10k and the demand for damages is over $1M, as the loss was a head injury to a minor.
  • In 2018, there was an NSO where coaches were not covered under an NSO policy, and now a coach from that sport is responsible for handling their own defense. The coach in question took some athletes on a training bike ride where one of the athletes was struck by a car. The coach was being blamed for the route and was named individually in the lawsuit. It is unclear exactly how much was spent on legal costs by the coach, but the NSO had $53k in legal expenses for themselves.

How can I keep track of the lessons?

By joining the app as a Communiti coach, you will be able to access the ‘back end’ through an online portal where you can generate reports that show your revenue and your HST if you collect it, be in contact with students and make any modifications to your online Communiti profile.

This seems like I am competing against my own business at my club/skating school?

Not at all. This app allows for you to cultivate new relationships with people who may be unsure about enrolling in skating lessons for a whole season, or who would like some support for their child’s skating party and want to see what skating is all about. You can also be available for some in-between coaching outside of the regular sessions at your club. This makes a perfect gift and allows for you to bring them to where you are already working, once they fall in love with our sport!

Anything else?

The Communiti Coach program within the app launch is December 2022 and it will be available for immediate use. Think of the possibilities for a learn to skate gift during the holidays!

As with all of the other initiatives through Communiti with Skate Ontario, a portion of the proceeds will be donated back to skating in our province through the Communiti Loves Skating Fund.

Come join us for a Facebook Live session on Skate Ontario YouTube and Facebook channels on December 1, 2022, at 7pm ET with representation from Communiti, Skate Ontario and Gallagher Insurance.

Skate Ontario & Communiti

For more information: support@communiti.app

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