Chatsworth Skating Club

Chatsworth Skating Club


The Chatsworth Skating Club is a non-profit organization run by an executive committee comprised of parent volunteers. The Chatsworth Skating Club is truly a “Club” and organized as such. We are a group of families who work together to offer skating in the Township of Chatsworth. We share the responsibilities and make our club an excellent place to enjoy the sport of Ice Skating! Our club needs your help and we thank you for helping where you can. If you have any questions, concerns or feedback please email our club at [email protected].

Our club is pleased to welcome back our amazing coach Heather Carmichael. Our coach, executive and program assistants are always available for questions or concerns you might have and encourage your support and communication in coaching your child. We value the leadership and skill they provide to our club and thank them for their commitment to learning and fun.

The Chatsworth Skating club offers lessons in a group format. Only those persons who have been registered with Skate Canada are allowed on the ice surface. It is imperative that as a parent you provide support to the coach and allow the coach along with the program assistants to teach your kids to skate.

Available Programs

  • CanSkate
  • STARSkate

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