Bancroft Skating Club

Bancroft Skating Club

103 Newkirk Blvd, Bancroft, ON, K0L 1C0

The Bancroft Skating Club aims to teach the fundamentals of skating. Whether your skater is interested in Hockey, Figure Skating, or just for fun, they will be able to learn the basics. Through the CanSkate program they will learn how to Fall Down, Get Back Up, Skate Forwards and Backwards, Start, Stop, Turn Around Quickly, perform Cross-Cuts and Inside and Outside Edges Effectively! Once they graduate from the CanSkate program they have the opportunity to join our Star Skater program which consists of four different strands to figure skating: Dance, Freeskate, Interpretive, and Skills. There are four different levels to these strands: Preliminary, Bronze, Silver, and Gold. At our Club, Junior StarSkaters are starting to work on Preliminary strands, Intermediate StarSkaters are in the process of finishing up their Preliminary strands. Senior StarSkaters have passed their Preliminary Freeskate and Preliminary Skills tests.

Available Programs

  • CanSkate
  • STARSkate

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