Canadian Tire National Figure Skating Championships 2023

One of the best things about the Holidays, is the fact that almost immediately after we are back into the competitive frame of mind in figure skating. Nothing says ‘prep for Nationals’ like a trip to my local Ice Dance centre to watch skaters practice. My idea of fun.

Team Skate Ontario is in the enviable position of coming away from the Skate Canada Challenge in December in Winnipeg with medallists in each of the four events in both Junior and Senior.

For Skate Ontario’s Executive Director Lisa Alexander, Canadian figure skating’s crown jewel happening in Oshawa is just another chance for Ontario’s athletes to take centre stage. “After almost three years of uncertainty, it is wonderful to have the most important competition in the Canadian skating calendar right in the Skate Ontario backyard of Oshawa. This is a chance for us to cheer on all the skaters and take pride in the hard work and dedication of our athletes and coaches.”

For many, the National championships are a chance to catch up with old friends and once in a while, it’s a chance to see legacy in action. Before she was a Mom, Josee Chouinard was a Canadian Figure Skating champion and will be watching her own daughter Fiona Bombardier who is headed to Oshawa as the Skate Canada Challenge Senior Women’s champion. Fiona is one of many Skate Ontario competitors who have done the work and get to enjoy the fruits of their labour and can call themselves national level athletes. Well done!

The lessons learned in competing at the Nationals aren’t always found in the results but just as often in the experience of competing on the ‘big stage’.  Regardless of outcome, you make us #SkateOntarioProud!

Don’t forget to stay tuned to all of the Skate Ontario social media platforms for up to date information on everything going on in Oshawa.