Brooke McIntosh & Brandon Toste

At my very first private lesson when I was eight-years-old, my coach did a pairs lift with me at the end of practice for fun, which I absolutely loved
and I have never looked back. -Brooke

Being on the ice, I feel a sense of happiness that I can’t find anywhere else.
I truly love figure skating. -Brandon


Program: PairsPairs skaters BrookeMcIntosh & Brandon Toste
Level: Novice
Skating club and town: The Canadian Ice Academy, Mississauga

“Figure skating is a way of life,” says Brooke McIntosh. “It is where I go to work hard, have fun and hang out with friends. I really enjoy competing and performing in front of others and pairs skating in particular allows me to explore my dare devil side.”

Figure skating also gave the two the opportunity to travel to Alberta and compete at Wild Rose. “It was great,” says Brandon Toste, “because it provided me with experience competing away from home with a time change. We have also had the opportunity to be monitored by Skate Ontario which has been a huge help in preparing us for our first international competition.”

“Skate Ontario provided me with the Can Skate program to learn the fundamentals of the sport,” says Brooke when we ask about the skating program’s impact on her career. “Over the years, Skate Ontario has also provided me workshops to attend to improve my on and off ice skills. I have also enjoyed skating at many Skate Ontario hosted competitions which are very well organized and fun for all of the skaters.”

Brooke and Brandon’s home club is the Canadian Ice Academy in Mississauga. “The Canadian Ice Academy has been extremely supportive with our pairs training,” says Brandon, “by providing the pairs sessions we need and always cheering for us.”

Brooke adds, “Pair training requires a skater to be a morning person as typically practices are in the early morning hours when the ice is not very crowded so lifts, throws and other elements can be safely executed.”

Brooke and Brandon won gold in the Novice division at the 2018 National Figure Skating Championships in Vancouver.