Bring ON the Fun!

What is Bring ON the Fun!?

  • Bring ON the Fun! is a team-based event for STAR skaters

Which categories will be offered?

  • Free skate (STAR 1-Gold, Pre-Juvenile and Juvenile)
  • Artistic
  • Individual Program Elements
  • Team Elements
  • Creative Improv
  • Group Showcase
  • Shadow Dance
  • Special Olympics (Free skate &  Artistic)

How does it work?

  • Skaters select categories to compete in
  • Skaters from the same club form one team
  • Skaters earn points for their team with each skate
  • Awards will be given to all skaters (including team and performance awards)
  • Team with the most points win the Bring ON the Fun! title
  • First, second and third place clubs will be awarded Bring ON the Fun! banners to hang in their home arenas

Looking for tips to register for an event? 

Please direct questions to