Athletes competing in the Skate Ontario Provincial Series in order to qualify for the 2023 Skate Ontario Provincial Championships please note the following:

  1. The highest Provincial Series score from each athlete or team in qualifying categories will be used in the final ranking order for qualification into the 2023 Provincial Championships.
  2. Only Skate Ontario Provincial Series scores can be used to determine a ranking position.
    a. Consideration will be given to those athletes that receive permission from Skate Ontario to use scores from Out-of-Province events.
  3. Pre-Novice, Novice, Junior and Senior categories will be free program only events.
  4. Skaters who are not Canadian citizens are eligible to qualify for the 2023 Skate Ontario Provincial Championships, provided the following criteria is met:
    a. The skater(s) is/are registered with a Skate Canada member club or skating school in Ontario.
    b. The skater(s) is/are not representing another country at a qualifying event (e.g. Regionals/Sectionals).
    c. The skater(s) must be released by their current Federation.
    d. All assessment qualifications for the Skate Ontario Super Series event(s) entered are met.
    e. Final Maximum Entry Numbers for the 2023 Provincial Championships can be found below.
  5. Please note that Skate Ontario reserves the right to make adjustments to the number of entries based on the evolution of the 2022/23 season and in order to comply with capacity limits at the competition venue for the 2023 Provincial Championships. 
  1. For each category, the posted interim ranking list will only show scores for the maximum number of entries at the 2023 Skate Ontario Provincial Championships. View the 2023 Skate Ontario Provincial Championships – Final Maximum Entry Numbers

Any questions can be directed to Scott Rachuk, Director, Skate Development and any Event related questions can be directed to Michelle Hunsley, Manager, Events.