2021-2022 Skate Ontario Section SynchroSkate Award Winner – Charlotte Panto

This year’s Skate Ontario Section SynchroSkate Award Winner is Charlotte Panto from the Unionville SC/Meraki Intermediate. Charlotte is truly dedicated to the sport of synchro and treats her teammates as family and with respect. She is not only passionate about her team, but has lots of synchro knowledge which allows her to help her teammates. Her overall positive outlook on hard situations is an asset to the team and she always exemplifies good sportsmanship at  competitions and other events.

Charlotte maintained positivity and determination throughout the pandemic on zoom social/fitness, off-ice in the freezing cold parking lot of the local grocery store, or the jam-packed week of practices her team had in the five days to prepare for Regionals. She was always the positive voice for her tam. It was her words that helped rally the team after a very disappointing first skate at Regionals this year, where they were positioned last. Her ability to lift teammates up with words of encouragement, is what helped them come out with an amazing second skate, where they placed 3rd and 4th overall at Regionals.

Charlotte was my rock this year in terms of keeping the team’s spirits high and role modeling for the team’s younger skaters, that is why I am putting her forward for this award.  She is a well rounded skater who has a strong passion for synchro, also the leadership and skating skills to accompany her passion. Charlotte used her role as a leader to encourage her teammates and check in on them both on and off the ice, connecting the team as a family. The inspiring speech she gave to the team before they skated at Nationals was as if the butterflies they had in their stomachs flew away as she was talking.” – coach MK Macdougall.

Please join us in congratulating Charlotte on being the recipient of the Synchro Award.