Skate Ontario’s Champion Partner, the National Bank of Canada

#ICYMI – Skate Ontario had the chance to welcome a group of parents for a seminar hosted by Skate Ontario’s Champion Partner the National Bank of Canada. The topic was “Saving for your Child’s Olympic Dream; A Parent’s Guide”.
Offering up his own take on a medal-filled career, Olympic silver medallist Dylan Moscovitch commented that he could have used some of the strategies he learned about in this informative session.
Thank you National Bank!
We are #SkateOntarioGrateful!
If you want more information or want to discuss your saving strategies, please contact:
Robert Pacey,
Branch Manager
416 461 0271 X #02906
Mamadou Oury Diallo, BBA PFP, FPSC
Investment and Retirement Development Manager
416 461 0271 X #11284
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