The Concept behind our Summer Stars Fundraising Gala

You may be asking yourself why would there be a show at this time of year? I am talking about the first annual Skate Ontario Summer Stars Fundraising Gala taking place on July 19th at 7:00pm at the Thornhill Community Centre to benefit Skate Ontario and co-hosts Ice Dance Elite equally. I mean it’s summer. It’s hot outside. Who wants to go into the rink? Turns out – Lots of people!

Not only is this a great idea for cooling off on a hot summer evening, it also helps the skaters in ways that you haven’t even thought about. Coach extraordinaire and this month’s Skate Ontario Writer in Residence Carol Lane  frames it this way: “The show is so helpful in getting the skaters ready to compete, and get the rust off:) It’s a long time from the last event they skated in back in January, now it’s time to perform once again!”

The concept behind the show was to give Skate Ontario skaters at the Junior and Senior national and international level the chance to present new material for the coming season. A first peek if you will.

As the audience, you get to feel good about your participation too. Not only are you supporting Skate Ontario, but you have the chance to win the fabulous iPad door prize, take home something really cool, from our silent auction table and most importantly offer your feedback to the skaters’ performances.

“Yes, absolutely any feed back with a new program is always helpful, but the thing I find the most helpful is the overall feeling they see throughout the program. Even small moments, did they make sense, are the transitions leading them through the story, etc. The early we get that the sooner we can start implementing those details into our new programs,” said Piper Gilles.

Piper Gilles and Paul Poirier are among the headliners as are Nam Nguyen and Evelyn Walsh and Trennt Michaud. Given the fact that Skate Ontario is home to all of the national champions, it’s no surprise that we call the place #ChampiOntario.

Check out the Skate Ontario skaters’ video on YouTube if you aren’t aware of the sensational talent in our section:

Tickets are available at

The skaters make us #SkateOntarioProud! Looking forward to seeing you on the 19th!



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