Test Day Planning

Test Day Committee

In larger clubs or large centralized test days, it may be helpful to form a Test Day Committee. The Test Chair should head the committee and delegate responsibilities. The committee would also serve to:

  • Lighten the workload of the test chair
  • Have someone trained in the event you become ill or in case of emergency
  • Ensure continuity in the club/succession planning when you decide to leave the position

The following are some suggestions for committee member positions:

Test Chair

  • Responsible for paper work
  • Ensures hot drinks and meals are available
  • Thank you card to evaluator or gift (optional)

Ice Captain

  • Used at entrance to ice level
  • Makes sure all skaters have checked in and ready for the test
  • Gets skaters on and off the ice quickly

Dressing Room Captain

  • All skaters should know to identify this person to advise that they have arrived
  • Responsible for ensuring all skaters are together and ready to go on the ice when scheduled

Music Personnel

  • Responsible for playing music during tests
  • Announce the skater
  • Watch for the evaluator’s signals to start and stop the music


  • A responsible person to collect the test sheets periodically from the evaluator and bring them to the test chair. The person running completed test papers to the test chair must keep confidentiality and not show test results/papers to anyone.