Skate Ontario Asks: What makes your CanSkate program great?



  1. What is the role and responsibilities of the Resource Coach?

The role of the Resource Coach is two-pronged. First, they are an extra pair of hands for the coaches on the ice. Second, they are the club communication link with the parents.

The Resource Coach:

  • Helps with the warm up
  • Assists skaters off the ice for bathroom breaks
  • Helps with upset or injured skaters
  • Assists the PAs (on the ice) who may need guidance
  • Works with coaches on talent ID
  • Liaises with parents and leads the parent information sessions
  • May step in for coach in case of absence


  1. How do you select your RC?

Each coach on staff is offered the opportunity to take on the role of the Resource Coach for one of our CanSkate sessions. Our coaches were thrilled to take on the extra responsibilities.


  1. How does having a Resource Coach enhance your CanSkate sessions and/or make it better?

Our CanSkate sessions have a more community feel. The parents are more engaged and the communication between coaches and parents is more open. The coaches like having the extra pair of hands during the class when needs arise. The PAs have on-ice mentoring if needed and they have a resource they can call on for assistance. The Resource Coaches appreciate the face time with the parents to address their questions any concerns. Adopting the Resource Coach model this season has elevated our CanSkate program to a new and improved level.

Rideau Skating Club has achieved Advanced Standard in the CanSkate Excellence recognition program. To find a CanSkate Club in your area, use our “Find a Club” tool

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