Sectionals Series October Hub – Link to Watch

link to watch the live stream on

With the September competition hub behind us, there is only one way to go and that is onward and upward. If not upward, then gliding across the ice at the very least.

“We are so excited as an organization to be able to share the performances from our skaters via and want everyone to know that we will be doing streaming again for the October hub,” said Skate Ontario Executive Director Lisa Alexander. “Streaming is just one way that we are planning to share skating and our skaters with the world.”

Streaming for the September hub events was very successful with a full slate of sponsors showing up to support Skate Ontario as well as the audience who showed up online to watch. We will expect the same for the October hub events which will start streaming starting on October 12, 2021. What makes this event special is the fact that it is the final Sectional Series event before the actual Skate Ontario Sectional Championships. Sectionals will also be streamed on and take place from November 4 – 7, 2021.

The interesting thing for the October Hub event is some performances will have been previously recorded while others are skating live. In both cases, the judging of the programs will be happening in ‘real time.’ The miracle of technology.

There is no doubt that with the rolling out of the Fall events, we are feeling a sense of optimism about the sport and how we can continue to ‘Rebound to Skating.’ There may be more bumps in the road, but the overwhelming sense is that we can as an organization continue to address and communicate the changes to our members.

For the moment though, get ready for more great skating. The October Hub event as well as Sectionals are proudly being streamed on Look for your favourite skaters there!

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