ON Russell SC CanSkate Excels at Skater Engagement

The ON Russell SC CanSkate program is special! From the moment skaters get on the ice, to the time they head home, CanSkate skaters at the Russell SC are continuously moving and fully engaged!

From the stands, you can see coaches are focused on the day’s skills, working one-one-one with skaters and adapting to the needs of every one of their students.

Program assistants of all ages, identified by bright coloured pinnies, can be seen in each group motivating, challenging and assisting skaters in their circuits. Smiles, high fives, words of encouragement.

Amid all of this, “Head and shoulders, knees and toes” plays on the speakers, and all skaters, PAs and coaches stop what they are doing to do the songs actions. A great way to keep skaters engaged through the session.

Check out the video below to see the ON Russell SC CanSkate in action. Wow!

The ON Russell Skating Club has achieved ⭐Advanced Standard in the CanSkate Excellence recognition program.

To find more out about the CanSkate Excellence recognition program, or catch up on our highlighted clubs, visit our CanSkate Excellence page.

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